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I am a writer, an intellectual, a teacher, and a researcher. Creating is a part of who I am. I am at my best when I am free to create. In order to do that, I locate the most beautiful and inspired spaces I can find and there, I set my whole being free!! That's why I created JOURNALS by JAX.

Every critical thinker and every creative soul should carry a journal with them. When you wake up in the morning inspired, your journal should be within an arms reach. When you hear music composition in your ear, record it in your journal. When you witness an everyday miracle, your journal should be at your side. When you need to order your thoughts, or keep your inspirations in a safe place, go to your journal.

A journal is a magical space where thoughts, feelings, emotions, and ideas are transformed. I form partnerships with cutting edge, inspired visual artists from around the world to create beautiful spaces through a curated journal collection. Each journal is lightweight, and designed to fit easily into your daybag. Be sure to look through the inside covers for poetry, stories, and to meet the artists in our community. Enjoy, and come back often to see our new products as they develop.

Cheers to the journey!!



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